House of Windsor: Philip Mountbatten (1921-2021)

Philippos, Prince of Greece and Denmark was born on the 10th June 1921 at the Villa Mon Repos, in Corfu, Greece.  His parents were Prince Andrew the brother of King Constantine of Greece, and Princess Alice of Battenburg.  Through his mother’s side of the family, he is the great-great grandchild of Queen Victoria.

With the overthrow of the Greek monarchy, the family had been rescued by the HMS Calypso, sent by King George V of England.  Early life was in Paris, until his parents’ marriage broke down, and Philip was schooled in England, Germany and Scotland.

Princess Elizabeth, first met Philip at the wedding of Princess Marina of Greece to the Duke of Kent in 1934.

In 1939, Philip joined the Royal Navy, and in World War Two saw service in the Mediterranean, in the allied invasion of Sicily, and being present in Tokyo Bay, when the Japanese surrender was signed.

In 1946 became a staff officer at the Greenwich Naval College.

In 1947, became a British subject, adopted the surname, Mountbatten, converted from Greek Orthodox to Anglican and renounced any claims to the Greek crown.

Princess Elizabeth and Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten were engaged on the 9th July 1947, and married on the 20th November in Westminster Abbey.

On the 19th November King George VI, conferred upon Philip; Duke of Edinburgh, Earl of Merioneth and Baron of Greenwich.

Following their honeymoon, the Prince returned to the Navy and the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh lived in Malta.

In February of 1952, King George VI died, Elizabeth became Queen Elizabeth II of England at her coronation on the 2nd June 1953, and Prince Philip became her consort.

In 1957, the Queen conferred on him the title of Prince of the United Kingdom.

He was Chancellor of Cambridge and Edinburgh University.  His interests have included; carriage driving, polo, flying and sailing.  Ha has accompanied the Queen on hundreds of visits, home and abroad.

Philip remained the queen’s consort for more than sixty years, having accompanied her in her official duties and appearances throughout the world. Additionally, he launched the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award in the mid-1950s, with a focus on youth achievement. He played polo up until 1971 and competed in carriage racing.

After Princess Diana died in a car crash in 1997, Philip participated in her funeral, walking alongside his grandsons William and Harry in the procession. Some months later, Mohamed Al-Fayed accused Philip of orchestrating the car crash that killed Mohamed’s son, Dodi Fayed, and Diana, with no evidence the crash was ruled accidental.

Prince Philip had eight grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren including Prince George, Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis and Archie.

In 2015, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott made Philip a knight affiliated with the Order of Australia for his decades of royal service. In May 2017, it was announced that 95-year-old Philip, the longest-serving royal consort in British history, would retire from public engagements in the summer.

Philip passed away on the morning of April 9, 2021, at Windsor Castle. He was 99. His funeral service was held on Saturday, April 17 at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor, and attended by only thirty members of the royal family.

Philip’s casket was driven to the church in the back of a custom Land Rover at his request. Laid upon the casket was his naval hat, a sword a flag representing his Greek and Danish heritage and flowers selected by the queen. Members of the royal family, including Philip’s children and some of his grandsons, walked behind the Land Rover in the half-mile procession from Windsor Castle to St. George’s Chapel, his final resting place.

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