Royal Conspiracy: Jack the Ripper

Prince Albert Victor, grandson of Queen Victoria and son of the future King Edward VII, threatened a great scandal within the British Monarchy.  For he had a separate life outside that of being a royal, having an affair with Annie Crook, a Catholic shop assistant.  She gave birth to a child, and the pair were married in secret.

Walter Sickert his painter friend hired Mary Kelly as nanny to their daughter; she was also a witness at their wedding.

What was believed as being a well-kept secret reached the ears of Queen Victoria, who would not permit a marriage with the lower ranks of society.

Lord Salisbury, Prime Minister at that time, and a Mason was instructed to cover up the affair.  Sir William Gull, physician to the Queen and a high ranking Freemason, declared Annie Crook insane, and Salisbury had her committed to an asylum, where she would remain for the rest of her life.

Marie Kelly, witness to the marriage of Eddy (Albert’s nickname) and Annie, shared the secret with fellow prostitutes.

Salisbury knew Eddy’s secret could not be revealed, and the threat had to be quashed. 

Gull concluded, these prostitutes constituted a threat to the monarchy and the Freemasons.  So it was decided each would have to be eliminated.

In Victorian London, five heinous murders took place, and the victims were all prostitutes, savagely murdered by Jack the Ripper between the 31st August and the 9th November 1888.

The murders were always committed in the early hours, and he never left behind a single piece of evidence.  No witness to the crimes; just dead bodies severely mutilated, organs removed and throats cut.  The precision, at which he removed internal body organs, moved the suspicion to one with medical training.

31st August 1888 Mary Ann Nichols was murdered, her throat had been cut and her abdomen cut open, and left for dead on Buck’s Row.

8th September 1888 Annie Chapman was murdered, her throat had been cut and her abdomen cot open, intestines removed and placed about her, and left at the rear yard of 29 Hanbury Street.

30th September 1888 Elizabeth Stride was murdered, her throat had been cut, and left in Dutfield Yard, Berner Street.

30th September 1888 Catherine Eddowes was murdered, her throat had been cut, face mutilated, abdomen cut open, intestines removed and placed about her… she had been a mistake, which was quickly put right, and left in Mitre Square.

9th November 1888 Mary Kelly was the last to be murdered, her throat had been cut, face and body mutilated, abdomen cut open, intestines removed and placed about her, and left at 13 Miller’s Court.  So the murder spree by Jack the Ripper ceased.  It appears his victims were a selected list of prostitutes, a modern day contract kills.

According to Royal Court Records: Prince Albert Victor was a guest of Viscount Downe at Danby Lodge, Grosmont, Yorkshire, between 29th August and 7th September, when Mary Anne Nichols was murdered.

He was at the Cavalry Barracks in York, between the 7th and 10th September when Annie Chapman was murdered.

He was at Abergeldie in Scotland, between 27th and 30th September, and lunched with Queen Victoria on the 30th, when Catherine Eddowes was murdered.

He was at Sandringham between 2nd and 12th November, when Mary Kelly was murdered.

The recorded evidence, make Prince Albert Victor appear innocent of all charges… his lifestyle and associations question the records. 

Are the records true or false?

Scandal abounded in Cleveland Street in July of 1889, following the discovery of a male brothel.  Police inquiries, revealed a member of the Royal Family was involved, but never named.

In the October Albert Victor was packed off on a seven month tour of India, and upon his return Queen Victoria made her grandson, the Duke of Clarence and Avondale, and the Earl of Athlone.

In 1889, Prince Albert Victor had an affair with Margery Haddon whilst touring India, and she gave birth to a son; Clarence Haddon.  Her claims that Albert Victor was the father, was investigated and dismissed by authorities.

Prince Albert Victor got engaged to Princess Mary of Teck on the 3rd December 1891, and the marriage was set for the 27th February 1892, a marriage that didn’t take place, as the young prince died of influenza in early 1892. 

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