Down-Trodden Scotland

Edward I seizes Scotland
from a land in turmoil,
with no ruling king.

Scots loose their lands
plundered by the English,
its people, slain and murdered.

Scotland’s plight is a desperate one
as we rise up, with sword in hand,
claiming, what is rightfully ours.

Plantagenet King: Edward I (Longshanks)

1272  In August of 1270, Edward joined King Louis IX of France on the Crusade in the Holy Land.  By the time Edward arrived in Tunis, Louis had died from the plague.  Edward continued his fight without the French.

On the 16th November, King Henry III died, and upon Edward’s return, he succeeded to the English throne.

1274  Edward was crowned King Edward I, King of England, at Westminster Abbey in the August.

Edward’s early part of his reign, led to the invasion of Wales; a country made up of small princedoms.  For Llewellyn ap Gruffyd, maintained that the right’s of England and Wales were separate, and he chose not to attend Edward’s coronation or pay homage to the English King.

1275  Eleanor de Montfort was intercepted whilst on route to Wales, to be married to Llewellyn ap Gruffyd, by pirates in the employ of Edward.  She was held prisoner, until Llewellyn would agree to terms of peace.

1277  Edward chose to treat Llewellyn ap Gruffyd, the last ruler of Wales, as nothing more than a rebel and disturber of the peace, and defeated him in battle.

1282  War between England and Wales erupted again, when Llewellyn joined with his brother David, in the rebellion against the English.

Edward drove Llewellyn back into the mountains of Northern Wales, where he was killed in battle, and the final end to this rebellion came with the execution of his brother, David… 

Attempts to gain Welsh Independence were ended.

Edward taxed the Jewish moneylender’s to finance his war in Wales, and when they could no longer pay, they were said to be a threat to the country.

1284  The Statue of Rhuddlan, acknowledged that Wales had been brought in, and was now under the control of the English.

Edward and Queen Eleanor had a son, who was named Edward after his father.

1287  Some 300 Jews were executed at the tower of London, and other’s were said to have been murdered in their homes.

1290  Edward banished all Jews from England.

On the 28th November, Edward’s wife Eleanor died, and was interred at Westminster Abbey.  A bronze effigy surmounts her tomb, designed by William Torel.

1292  The Scottish nobles recognised the authority of Edward I, at a time when there be a dispute over succession to the Scottish throne.

Edward I nominated John Balliol as the new King of Scotland, effectively a puppet of the English.

1295  Edward summons his “Model Parliament,” which included; clergy, aristocracy, knights and town leaders.  Its aim was to raise money for wars.

John Balliol, King of Scotland reneges on his alliance with Edward I, and signs an alliance with the King of France.

1296  Edward’s army stormed Berwick on Tweed, killing all its inhabitants, deposing Balliol, and imprisoning him in the Tower of London.  The Stone of Sconce was removed to Westminster (The Stone of Sconce was used when Scottish monarchs were crowned).  He then declared himself, the King of Scotland.

1297  William Wallace took up the banner for all Scots, against the English, and defeated them in the “Battle of Stirling Bridge” in the September.  He led a war of guerrilla tactics against Edward and the English in the name of Balliol.

1298  Edward invades Scotland and defeats William Wallace at the “Battle of Falkirk” in the July.

William Wallace continued his military conquest against the English for a further seven years.

1299  Edward marries Margaret, the daughter of Philip III of France, and they have six sons and twelve daughters.

1301  Edward conferred the title of “Prince of Wales” upon his son Edward.  Since that date every first born son of the monarch is conferred with the title of Prince of Wales.

1305  William Wallace was betrayed by one of his own, taken to London where he was executed.

1306  The new government in Scotland, included Robert the Bruce who rebelled, and he was crowned King of Scotland at Scone.

1307  Edward attempted to invade Scotland, but died on route at Burgh on Sands on the 7th July aged 68.  He was buried at Westminster Abbey in a plain black marble tomb.

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