An English Martyr… (Sonnet)

Thomas Becket, man of God
once confidante of the King,
transferred his allegiance to God
as church opposed the King.

The King called out in despair
will no one rid me of this man,
knights hearing of King’s despair
answered the call, removing this man.

They killed him
this man of God,
they murdered him
upon his altar; to God.

Henry II and his knights paid a penance,
for the taking of Becket’s life.

Scotland’s Rebels…

England ruled by Edward I
Scotland seized by the English,
from a land in turmoil
with no ruling King.

English soldiers and barons
plunder across Scottish lands,
Scotland’s way of life, gone forever
as its people are slain.

Scotland’s plight is a desperate one
as its people rise up,
with sword and spear in hand
claiming, what is rightfully theirs.

A King’s Mistress…

When King Henry ruled this land
the second of that name,
besides his Queen, he dearly loved
a mistress did he have.

No sweeter creature in this world
could King ever embrace,
with sparkling eyes, like silvery pearls
did cast so, a heavenly sight.

Rosamunde, fairest of them all
her name was so called,
to whom our Queen became
her deadly known foe.

The King in her defence
against his jealous Queen,
built a castle, to keep her safe
the likes’ of, never seen.

Built of stone and timber strong
with one hundred and fifty doors,
to hide her from his Queen…

Roman Gladiator

Laid out before me
a fallen gladiator lies,
he leans upon his hand
still grasping at his sword.

He consents to death
as the crowd calls for his blood,
the Emperor, acknowledges the crowd
and the signal is given.

I thrust my sword
into his open wound,
blood gushes from his wound
seeping into the ground.

The arena swirls around him
his life, taken from him,
brutally slain, on Emperor’s orders
for the amusement of the crowd.

Dunwich… Swallowed by the sea

Dunwich, an easterly coastal town
with its own story to tell,
once a thriving community
reduced to one hundred souls.

If you stand upon the shoreline
and hear the ghostly bells,
it is meant as a sailors warning
that a bad storm, is on its way.

Who would have believed that a town
could be all but destroyed,
by the mighty force of the sea
in little over two hundred years.

Once a major trading centre
brought to its knees,
by the mighty force of the sea
destroying everything in its path.

Man would be its final end
the final nail in her coffin,
sending her last, remaining church
to be swallowed up, by the sea.