Windsor King: George VI

Albert Frederick Arthur George was born on the 14th December 1895 at Sandringham, to parents George V and Mary of Teck.

In World War One, he served as a young naval officer, in the “Battle of Jutland.”

On the 26th April 1923, he married Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon at Westminster Abbey.  They were blessed with two daughters; Princess Elizabeth who would later become Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret.

He had never expected or wished to succeed to the throne, yet he had a strong sense of duty, and would perform his part to the best of his ability.

In the December of 1936, following the death of his father; King George V and the surprise abdication by his brother, he became King George VI of England at his coronation on the 12th May 1937, held at Westminster Abbey.

His greatest achievements came during World War Two, when he remained at Buckingham Palace in the centre of London, whilst bombs fell about them.

He and his wife Queen Elizabeth, Queen Consort, often visited bombed areas in the East End of London and other areas of England, which would gain him popularity with his people.

The King and Winston Churchill, England’s wartime Prime Minister worked well together, as Europe fell to Germany.

In 1940 King George VI instituted the George Cross and George Medal for acts of bravery by citizens.  In 1942the George Cross was awarded to Malta, in recognition of their heroism and resistance to the enemy siege.

In 1939, King George visited France and the British Expeditionary Force, North Africa in 1943 after the victory of El Alamein.  In 1944 visited the army on the beaches of Normandy, ten days after D-Day.

On the 8th May 1945, a day which will be remembered VE (Victory in Europe) Day.  The war, the King and his duty to his people had created a bond between them.

In 1947, King George and Queen Elizabeth toured South Africa along with their children.  India and Pakistan became independent and King George ceased to be Emperor of India.

Britain had overcome the hardships of the post-war years, but the strain incurred by the Second World War had taken their toll on the King.

On the 6th February 1952, King George VI died in his sleep, at Sandringham.  He laid in state at Westminster Hall.  The funeral was held at St.George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle, where he is buried.

House of Windsor: King Edward VIII Abdication

On the 23rd June 1894, Edward Albert Christian George was born at White Lodge in Richmond, to parents King George V and Queen Mary.

Edward, the Prince of Wales, served in the Army in World War One, but was not permitted to go to the front.

He became a celebrity playboy about town, and had several affairs with married women, and high on the list was; Mrs Wallis Simpson.

On the 20th January 1936, King George V died, and Edward ascended to the English throne.

In 1936, Mrs Wallis Simpson obtained a divorce from her second husband, it was clear to see, Edward wanted to husband number three.

In November of 1936, the uncrowned Edward sent shock waves through Parliament and family.  The two were very much in love, and Edward had to choose Wallis Simpson or the English throne.  She a divorced woman would have been an unacceptable Queen.

On the 11th December 1936, Edward abdicated, which meant any children he might have, were excluded from succession to the English throne. 

In 1937 Edward became the Duke of Windsor and Wallis Simpson his Duchess, and the couple were married in France.

Windsor King: George V

George Frederick Ernest Albert was born on the 3rd June 1865 at Marlborough House in London, to parents Edward VII and Alexandra of Denmark.

At the age of twelve joined the Royal Navy, and served until 1892, when his elder brother Albert, the Duke of Clarence died, and he became heir to the English throne.

In 1893, married Princess Mary of Teck, previously engaged to his brother Albert.  The title they received was the Duke and Duchess of York, and resided on the Sandringham Estate in Norfolk.  George’s marriage was a happy one, unlike his father, he never took a mistress.  They were blessed with six children; Edward – Albert – Mary – Henry – George and John.

His father Edward VII, died in 1910, and he ascended to the post of King George V of England at his coronation on the 22nd June 1911, at Westminster Abbey, and his wife Mary, became Queen consort.

The First World War broke out in 1914, and he was to make many trips to the front, visiting servicemen and hospitals.

In 1917, anti-German feelings by the British People, and the slaughter of British soldiers during the war, by German forces, made it essential to drop the family name.  So it was, the family name of Saxe-Coburg Gotha was replaced with Windsor.

With the fall of the Romanov dynasty, George’s cousin, Tsarina Alexandra wife of Tsar Nicholas II, were executed along with their children by revolutionaries at Ekaterinburg.  There was much critism, why he didn’t rescue them … his reply being, it could incite a British revolution.

In 1922, the Monarchy of Greece was overthrown, and George V sent in HMS Calypso to rescue them, which included the one-year old Philip, now the Duke of Edinburgh.

In 1932, he started the Royal tradition; the Christmas broadcast to the people.

On the 20th January 1936, King George V dies of pleurisy at Sandringham and is buried at Windsor Castle.