Saxe-Coburg Gotha Queen: Alexandra of Denmark

Alexandra of Denmark was born on the 1st December 1844 at Yellow Palace in Copenhagen, to parents; Prince Christian of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glucksburg and Louise of Hessel-Cassel.

Alexandra was one of six children, four would occupy thrones; Frederick became Frederick VIII of Denmark, William would be George I of Greece and Prince Valdemar of Denmark.  She had two sisters; Dagmar, who married the Tsar Alexander III, became Empress of Russia and Thyra, Crown Princess of Hanover.

Albert, the Prince Consort and husband of Queen Victoria, proposed Alexandra of Denmark as a suitable wife for Albert Edward, the Prince of Wales.

Albert Edward, the Prince of Wales proposed to Alexandra of Denmark on the 9th September 1862, and the couple were married on the 10th March 1863 at St.George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle.


Albert Victor Christian Edward, was born on the 8th January 1864, and later created as the Duke of Clarence and Avondale.

George Frederick Ernest Albert, was born on the 3rd June 1865, and would become King George V.

Princess Louise Victoria Alexandra Dagmar, was born on the 20th February 1867, and became the Duchess of Fife.

Princess Victoria Alexandra Olga Mary, was born on the 6th July 1868.

Princess Maud Charlotte Mary Victoria, was born on the 26th November 1869, and became the Princess of Wales.

Alexander John Charles Albert, was born on the 6th April 1871, survived barely a day, and was buried in Sandringham churchyard.

Queen Victoria purchased the Sandringham estate in Norfolk, which became the family retreat for Edward and Alexandra.  Edward like many of his predecessors had a string of mistresses, yet Alexandra was faithful to her husband, and accepted his way of life.

Alexandra suffered from hereditary deafness, caused by hereditary otosclerosis.

Their son Albert Victor was engaged to Princess Mary of Teck, but fate intervened, and was a victim of the influenza pandemic of 1889-1892, turning to pneumonia and death, aged just twenty-eight.

Princess Mary married Prince George with Alexandra a doting grandmother to their children.

Queen Victoria died in 1901, and King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra were crowned as King and Queen of England in August of 1901 at Westminster Abbey.

King Edward was prone to severe bouts of bronchitis, and his last attack occurred in March of 1910, whilst in Paris.  He returned to London, and by May his condition was causing anxiety.  The Queen was in Corfu, visiting her brother; George I of Greece.  She immediately returned to London.  As a touching gesture, she summoned her husband’s current mistress, Mrs Keppel, allowing her to say her final farewell, after which the King breathed no more.

Her son became King George V with his wife Queen Mary, and occupied Buckingham Palace.  Alexandra moved into Marlborough House and retained Sandringham for the duration of her life.

Alexandra’s daughter, Victoria never married and became her companion.

With the fall of the Romanov dynasty, her nephew, Tsar Nicholas II (son of her sister Dagmar) his wife Alexandra and their children were executed by revolutionaries at Ekaterinburg.  In 1919, a British ship rescued Dagmar from revolutionary Russia, and brought her to England and safety, to be with her sister Alexandra.

In 1920, Alexandra burst a blood vessel in her eye, causing partial blindness; speech became impaired and suffered from mild senile dementia.

On the 20th November 1925, Alexandra of Denmark suffered a heart attack, which took her life whilst at Sandringham.  She was buried beside her husband at St.George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle.