British Prime Ministers Timeline

1721-1742 Robert Walpole (Whig)

1742-1743 Spencer Compton (Whig)

1743-1754 Henry Pelham (Whig)

1754-1756 Thomas Pelham-Holles (Whig)

1762-1763 John Stuart (Tory)

1763-1765 George Grenville (Whig)

1765-1766 Charles Watson-Wentworth (Whig)

1766-1768 William Pitt the Elder (Whig)

1768-1770 Augustus Henry Fitzroy (Whig)

1770-1782 Frederick North (Tory)

1782-1782 Charles Watson-Wentworth (Whig)

1782-1783 William Petty (Whig)

1783-1783 William Cavendish-Bentinck (Whig)

1783-1801 William Pitt the Younger (Tory and Whig)

1801-1804 Henry Addington (Tory)

1804-1806 William Pitt the Younger (Tory and Whig)

1806-1807 William Wyndham Grenville (Whig)

1807-1809 William Cavendish-Bentinck (Whig)

1809-1812 Spencer Perceval (Tory)

1812-1827 Robert Banks Jenkinson (Conservative)

1827-1827 George Canning (Tory)

1827-1828 Frederick Robinson (Tory)

1828-1830 Arthur Wellesley (Tory)

1830-1834 Charles Grey (Whig)

1834—1834 William Lamb (Whig)

1834-1834 Arthur Wellesley (Tory)

1834-1835 Robert Peel (Conservative)

1835-1841 William Lamb (Whig)

1841-1846 Robert Peel (Conservative)

1846-1852 Lord John Russell (Whig)

1852-1852 Edward Smith Stanley (Tory and Whig)

1852-1855 George Hamilton Gordon (Conservative)

1855-1858 Henry John Temple (Liberal and Whig)

1858-1859 Edward Smith Stanley (Tory and Whig)

1859-1865 Henry John Temple (Liberal and Whig)

1865-1866 John Russell (Whig)

1866-1868 Edward Smith Stanley (Tory and Whig)

1868-1868 Benjamin Disraeli (Conservative)

1868-1874 William Ewart Gladstone (Liberal)

1874-1880 Benjamin Disraeli (Conservative)

1880-1885 William Ewart Gladstone (Tory and Whig)

1885-1886 Robert Gascoyne-Cecil (Conservative)

1886-1886 William Ewart Gladstone (Liberal)

1886-1892 Robert Gascoyne-Cecil (Conservative)

1892-1894 William Ewart Gladstone (Liberal)

1894-1895 Archibald Primrose (Liberal)

1895-1902 Robert Gascoyne-Cecil (Conservative)

1902-1905 Arthur James Balfour (Conservative)

1905-1908 Henry Campbell-Bannerman (Liberal)

1908-1916 Herbert Henry Asquith (Liberal)

1916-1922 David Lloyd George (Liberal)

1922-1923 Andrew Bonar Law (Conservative)

1923-1924 Stanley Baldwin (Conservative)

1924-1924 James Ramsay MacDonald (Labour)

1924-1929 Stanley Baldwin (Conservative)

1929-1935 James Ramsay MacDonald (Labour)

1935-1937 Stanley Baldwin (Conservative)

1937-1940 Neville Chamberlain (Conservative)

1940-1945 Winston Churchill (Conservative)

1945-1951 Clement Attlee (Labour)

1951-1955 Winston Churchill (Conservative)

1955-1957 Anthony Eden (Conservative)

1957-1963 Harold Macmillan (Conservative)

1963-1964 Alec Douglas-Hume (Conservative)

1964-1970 Harold Wilson (Labour)

1970-1974 Edward Heath (Conservative)

1974-1976 Harold Wilson (Labour)

1976-1979 James Callaghan (Labour)

1979-1990 Margaret Thatcher (Conservative)

1990-1997 John Major (Conservative)

1997-2007 Tony Blair (Labour)

2007-2010 Gordon Brown (Labour)

2010-2016 David Cameron (Conservative)

David Cameron resigned as Prime Minister on the 24th June 2016 after the UK Referendum voted to leave Europe

2016-2018 Theresa May (Conservative) On the 13th July 2016 Theresa May was appointed by Queen Elizabeth II to the post of Prime Minister, she being the second appointed female.

2018 – Boris Johnson (Conservative)