Wife of King George V: Mary of Teck

Victoria Mary Teck was born on the 26th May 1867 at Kensington Palace, to parents; Francis of Teck and Mary Adelaide of Cambridge, grandchild of King George III.

In December of 1891, she was engaged to Prince Albert Victor, the Duke of Clarence.  In 1892, before the wedding took place, Albert Victor died of pneumonia.

Prince George of Wales, the Prince of Wales proposed to Mary of Teck in May of 1893, and on the 6th July were married at the Chapel Royal, St.James Palace, London, and blessed with six children.

Edward Albert became King Edward VIII, but his love of American divorcee, one Wallis Simpson, would see him abdicate his throne, sending shock waves through the family, parliament and country.

Albert Frederick Arthur George became King George VI, following his brothers abdication.

Mary of Teck, suffered a personal loss in 1897, with the loss of her mother, Mary Adelaide of Cambridge, who was buried in the Royal vault at St.George’s Chapel, Windsor.  Then in 1900 her father died and joined his wife at St.George’s Chapel.

George ascended to the throne in 1910 as King George V, whilst Mary became Queen consort, and were crowned on the 22nd June 1911 at Westminster Abbey.

During the First World War, King George and Queen Mary patriotically endeavoured to boost public morale by visiting military hospitals, munition factories and blitzed areas.  The King is said to have visited the troops in Flanders on a number of occasions.

In 1917, concerned that his own Teutonic name would alienate his subjects, the King changed the name of his house from the German Saxe-Coburg Gotha of Queen Victoria’s consort to Windsor.  At the same time his Battenburg cousins were encouraged to change theirs to the Anglicised form of Mountbatten.

Queen Mary’s youngest child, Prince John suffered from epilepsy and was segregated from the rest of the family.  He came under the care of his nanny, Charlotte Bill, and resided at Wood Farm on the Sandringham Estate, where he remained until he died on the 18th January 1919, and was buried at Sandringham Church.

King George V developed serious bronchial health problems in latter years of the 1920’s, and became so serious oxygen had to be administered.

On the 20th January 1936 at 11.55pm his physician, Lord Dawson of Penn, administered a lethal injection of cocaine and morphine to the already comatose monarch … and the King slowly passed away.

Queen Mary was evacuated to Badmington House in Gloucestershire during World War Two.

In 1942, she witnessed the death of her son, George the Duke of Kent who was killed in an RAF training exercise in Scotland.

On the 6th January 1952, her son King George VI, had developed lung cancer and died of coronary thrombosis at Sandringham.

Three of Queen Mary’s sons had predeceased her; Prince John in 1919, George, the Duke of Kent in 1942 and King George VI in 1952.

Queen Mary died of lung cancer on the 24th March 1953, and was buried alongside her husband; King George V at St.George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle.

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