Saxe-Coburg Gotha Monarchy

King Edward VII did not accede to the English throne until 1901, aged fifty-nine.  As Prince of Wales, he undertook many duties on behalf of his mother; Queen Victoria, making frequent goodwill visits at home and abroad.  His mother refused to involve him in domestic political duties, feeling she could not trust his discretion in such matters.  Excluded from Victoria’s circle of advisers, Edward spent much of his time, enjoying himself at social events; London’s Playboy.  This only confirmed his mother’s opinion of her son, the next King of England.

Throughout his nine year reign, he was a popular and much respected King of England.  His love of foreign travel and public ceremonial pioneered an ambassadorial style of monarchy that was to replace its earlier political role.

Albert Edward was born on the 9th November 1841 at Buckingham Palace to parents Queen Victoria and Albert of Saxe-Coburg Gotha.

During the reign of his mother Queen Victoria, he undertook public duties on her behalf, but was excluded by his mother from acting as her deputy until 1898.

Queen Victoria died in 1901, and Edward aged 59 ascended to the post of King Edward VII of England, and was crowned on the 9th August 1902 at Westminster Abbey.

During his mother’s reign, he had become known as a playboy, much to his mother’s disgust.  His interests lay in horse-racing, shooting, drinking and mistresses.  When King his interests included Foreign affairs, military and naval matters.

In 1904, he played a major role creating the triple “Entente Cordiale” between Britain, France and Russia.  This agreement ended Anglo-French rivalry, and played a major role in the First World War.

In the years following the Boer War, Edward played an active role, pushing forward military and naval reforms, including the building of the Dreadnought battleships and the Army Medical Service.

On the 6th May 1910, King Edward VII suffered multiple strokes which took his life, and was buried in St.George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle.

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