Hanover King: George II…

George Augustus was born on the 30th October 1683 at Herrenhausen, Hanover to parents George I and Sophia Dorothea.

On the 2nd September 1705, George Augustus married Caroline, the daughter of the Margrave of Brandenburg, and they had the following children:

Frederick, Prince of Wales

Anne, Princess Royal and Princess of Orange

Princess Amelia

Princess Caroline

Prince George William

Prince William, Duke of Cumberland

Mary, Landgravine of Hesse-Kassel

Louisa, Queen of Denmark and Norway

In 1708, George Augustus leads the rearguard of Hanoverian Cavalry, during the War of Spanish Succession, when Hanover, Britain and Austria go to war against France.  The 1713 Treaty of Utrecht, brought about peace with France.

In 1714, Frederick, the son of George Augustus was privately tutored in Hanover, whilst the family lived in Britain, at the request of George I.  Thus all relations between Frederick and his father broke down; they were like passing strangers in the night.

When King George I died, his son made the decision not to attend his father’s funeral in Hanover, showing to the people of Britain, where his heart belonged.  Truthfully his reason was more likely they didn’t get on when he was alive, due to the imprisonment of his mother.

On the 11th June 1727, George Augustus ascended to the English throne, and was crowned King George II of England, on the 11th October at Westminster Abbey.

It was expected, that George would dismiss Walpole and replace him in his government with Sir Spencer Compton.  However, after intervention by Caroline his wife, Walpole remained, for he held a majority in Parliament, and instability should be avoided at all costs.

In 1728, Frederick the Prince of Wales, came to England and took his place in Parliament, at the request of his father and King.

Frederick fell in love with Anne Vane, maid of honour to the Queen.  She was established in Grosvenor Street, and gave birth to a son; Fitz-Frederick Vane, and accepted by the Prince.  He had an affair, with a commoner, much to the disgust of his father.

On the 27th April 1736, Frederick married Princess Augusta of Saxe-Gotha.  The long standing friction between father and son continued.  He excluded his parents, from attending the birth of his child on the 31st July 1737.  George replied by banishing him and his family from the Royal Court.

King George II attempted many times to take Britain to war in Europe, but Parliament stepped in many times pulling him back.

Walpole demanded that Britain stay out of the war brewing in Poland of 1733, over succession leaving Hanover to go solo; German states were victorious.  Yet George won the right a few years later, as Britain was dragged into the war of the Austrian succession in 1740-1748.  Britain achieved nothing; thousands dead and dying.

On the 20th November 1737, Queen Caroline died and was buried at Westminster Abbey, leaving George distraught, for he had lost his love.

In 1742, Walpole resigned his office after twenty years of service in government, as his support had eroded.

On the 23rd July 1745, Charles Edward Stuart, who went by other names; Bonnie Prince Charlie or the Young Pretender, landed in Scotland, as he united the clans, a last ditch attempt to put a Stuart on the throne.

On the 21st September, the Scots were victorious at the Battle of Prestonpans.  On the 8th November, they crossed the border into England, capturing Carlisle, Manchester, Preston and Derby.  Then they came face to face with the Duke of Cumberland and his forces, who drove them back across the border and back into Scotland.

The final battle was at Culloden on the 16th April 1746, a crushing defeat for the Scots and a resounding victory for the English.

In the January and February of 1751, Frederick the Prince of Wales, had been designing his garden at Kew, caught a chill which developed into pneumonia.  On the 8th March he attended the House of Lords, and on the 20th March was seized by a coughing fit, and died before his wife could reach him.

The Seven Year War, commenced in 1756 when Britain declared War on France, based on the French threat upon the lands of Hanover.  Upon its conclusion, Britain’s growth and lands increased, with the seizure of French territory in North America, India, Caribbean and Spanish Florida.  Under William Pitt as England’s Prime Minister.

Robert Clive wins the “Battle of Plassey” in 1757, securing the Indian province of Bengal for Britain.

General Wolfe captures Quebec from the French in 1759, and British supremacy in Canada is assured.

On the 25th October 1760, King George II dies at Kensington Palace, and is buried at Westminster Abbey.  With instructions, that one side of each coffin, his and his wife’s be removed, so their remains could mingle in death… an act of true love.

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