Plantagenet King: Edward II

1307  On the 8th July, Edward the son of King Edward I and Eleanor of Castile succeeded his father as King Edward II of England.

1308  On the 25th January in Boulogne, France, King Edward II of England married Isabella Capet, the daughter of King Phillip IV of France, and of Jeanne of Navarre.

On the 25th February Edward II and Isabella Capet were crowned King and Queen of England, at Westminster Abbey.

Edward was forced to exile his friend and adviser, one Piers Gaveston, with whom he confided in, for misgovernment.

1309  Edward recalled his exiled friend, Piers Gaveston from France, and granted him the Earldom of Cornwall, much to the annoyance of England’s baron’s.

1310  Parliament creates the “Lords Ordainers” committee, with the express task of controlling the King and his administration.  Thomas, the Earl of Lancaster, is appointed to take control.

1312  Edward and Isabella’s first child was named Edward.

Piers Gaveston, Edwards homosexual lover, was captured by the Earl of Pembroke, and believing he was bad distraction for the King and England; was executed.

1314  Edward invades Scotland only to be defeated in the “Battle of Bannockburn” by Robert Bruce.

Scotland’s Independence was assured.

1315  Thomas, the Earl of Lancaster, had made himself the real ruler of England, with Edward as the face of England, and the baron’s had the power.

1320  Welsh border baron’s, the LeDespenser’s gained the King’s favour, and supported Edward, offering advice.

The Scots gained their independence, by signing the “Declaration of Arbroath.”

1322  Edward’s support of the Despenser’s ambitions for Wales, saw them banished from England by a group of baron’s.

Thomas, the Earl of Lancaster is defeated in battle against Edward at the “Battle of Boroughbridge” in Yorkshire.

Edward had the Earl of Lancaster executed, and recalled the Despenser’s, who assisted in his ruling of England.

1325  Isabella and Edward’s dislike for each other, had scaled to new heights.

Isabella went to Paris on a mission to see her brother; Charles IV of France, and craftily succeeded in getting her son, Prince Edward, sent to join her in France.  The stage was set for a successful coup, in which Edward II would be deposed and be replaced by his own son, Prince Edward.

1326  Edward’s wife, Isabella of France led a successful invasion against her husband, and had him imprisoned in Berkeley Castle.  She deposes Edward, seizing power.

The Despenser’s are put to death.

1327  Edward II was forced to renounce his throne in favour of his son; Prince Edward, and Parliament duly deposed Edward II.

Edward III ruled England with his mother; Isabella of France and her lover Roger Mortimer as Regents.

Edward II is murdered in Berkeley Castle, upon the express orders of his wife on the 21st September 1327, aged 43 and was buried at Gloucester.

Additional Info:

Edward II, was the second King of England to be dethroned… The first was Ethelred in 1013.

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